Cat World Launches New Website

by Davis Freeberg

CBS Executives got their first taste of today. The page starts off with the phrase “the cat’s out of the bag.” and features a photo of a cat looking like it’s ready to pounce. At the bottom of the page they announce that a global cat site is on it’s way.

Pretty funny if these are just domain poachers, but pretty scary if Cat World turned out to really exist. Of course, if Cat World is real I would have to question the benefit of using an anonymous proxy. Then again cat lovers can get pretty crazy about their pets, maybe it’s best they don’t know who you are.

CBS definetely needs an internet plan though. You can’t market TV shows to teens and not have an internet identity. They better start whipping out their checkbooks or come up with a new name. I still think the WC is the best suggestion I’ve heard. The networks have been flushing money down both these networks for years.