Bloggers Grumble Over Google Video, or Do They?

Micro Persuasion: Bloggers Grumble Over Google Video Interesting. Steve Rubel and Tech Dirt are out with posts suggesting that the blogosphere is down on the new Google Video product, while Opinmind gives the new service a 94% approval ranking. Obviously Opinmind is not picking up the blogs that TechDirt is referencing, but perhaps there are also many positive posts on Google Video that TechDirt is not seeing.

Dave Zatz also gives his two cents on Google video asking, “what’s the point?”

Determining the blogosphere’s reaction to stories seems like a great tool to have but I think that Opinmind needs more breadth and perhaps even a function that weights higher the opinion of influential bloggers over random bloggers. If a blogger has a much higher Technorati rank then maybe their opinion on Opinmind should count more towards a search term’s positive or negative strenth than some teen with a a Xanga blog that nobody reads.

It would be nice to have a sort by Technorati rank on Opinmind for positive and negative opinons, or at least some metric that highlighted more authoritative blogs over all blogs.