Add Sam Goody’s Parent Musicland to the List of Dead Mall CD stores

The Long Tail: Death of the blockbuster (part III) Chris Anderson reports that today Musicland, operator of 800 stores under names Sam Goody and MediaPlay has filed for bankruptcy.

1. Music sales are moving online (some paid, some not).
2. Or they are moving to long tail specialty retailers like Amoeba Records where you can get fantastic breadth of selection including rare and out of print recordings and buy discounted used CDs and then rip them yourself.

The day of the CD story selling hit CDs in a mall is long dead.

4 Replies to “Add Sam Goody’s Parent Musicland to the List of Dead Mall CD stores”

  1. not a suprise there…cd’s are so expensive at stores like that or at any mall music stores. could never believe they would sell cd’s for like 16 to 18 bucks.

  2. Good. Musicland/Sam Goody has always been horribly overpriced, even for music stores. I am not in the least bit sad to see them die.

    I can’t remember the last time I bought something at a Sam Goody, but it was probably in the early 90s.

    Today I buy most of my music from Record Surplus on Pico in West LA. And most of THAT comes from their $1 bin. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I’ve pulled from that rack.

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