RocketBoom as “Proof of Concept,” Will 2006 Be The Year for Microcontent in Your Livingroom?

PVR Wire I’ve watched RocketBoom before and kind of agree with PVR Wire. It’s not that the programming is so great (I actually don’t really care that much for it), but what is great is that by getting it on your TiVo, this represents more of a proof of concept for getting microcontent on your TiVo. Media Center has Online Spotlight of course and I’m hoping that 2006 is the year that microcontent begins to flourish there. For starters, I’d love to see Robert Scoble’s Channel 9 in Online Spotlight — in high def as well of course.

From PVRWire: “What’s much more exciting is proof that TiVo — and any other competing platform — can successfully distribute content over broadband. Until now, when TiVo wanted to show something to subscribers, it had to pay for commercial time in the middle of the night (and I know it still does this). But now you have the opportunity to select content and have it delivered over your high-speed connection.”

By the way, PVRWire is also reporting that RocketBoom content is being copy protected on your TiVo. Bad doggie, no bisquit. This makes no sense of course as anyone can download it without any copy protection restrictions from the internet. Wonder who made this boneheaded decision.