Netflix posts job opening for COO position

by Davis Freeberg

I don’t know if this was accidentally posted or if Netflix intended to quietly announce a search for a new COO, but a reader on Hacking Netflix noticed that Netflix is looking for a someone to fill a COO position. There is no word yet about what will happen to current COO Tom Dillon, but from the listing, it appears that he’s either taking on a new role with Netflix or he could be leaving the company.

It is a little bit surprising to see Netflix advertise for a COO in this way. I would think that they would want to either keep this quiet and try to secretly interview candidates or they would want to issue a press release and begin a public search for a candidate. It could be that someone inadvertently posted the job without realizing what they were leaking, but the description is very detailed and you can tell that someone has put a lot of thought into the listing. I expect that it will take some time before a new COO is announced, but it will be interesting to see who they end up selecting and the price they end up having to pay for a top notch COO.