Media Center Sandbox

Media Center Sandbox Charlie Owen lets us know what Media Center Sandbox is all about: “Media Center for Windows Vista will deliver three ways of developing third party experiences which run in Media Center and leverage the remote control.

With Aaron Stebner moving over to our platform team (more on that from him later) there are at least three Media Center platform team members blogging now. We expect that number to grow over the coming year.

With three development paradigms and (at least) three bloggers things could get complicated fast.

We want you to have a single place to subscribe or visit to get solid technical information about our platform moving forward. Hence the quiet launch of

Aaron and I will be posting Media Center designer / developer technical information here instead of on our personal blogs. Our personal blogs aren’t going away — you’ll simply find editorial or non-Media Center related technical posts on them.

I also want to say your feedback here and here in no small way guided our decision to create this resource. So keep the comments coming. The Sandbox will evolve over time in response to it’s readers and subscribers.

Finally: We have some *new* platform information coming next week — stay tuned here. Santa is coming a day or two early this year to Media Center designers and developers.”