Lost Remote on Brightcove

Lost Remote: Brightcove future looks, well, bright From Lost Remote: “I’ve been beta testing the new Flash video production tool from fledgling company Brightcove. I gotta tell ya – it’s terrific. The Flash video is outstanding, especially when encoded with On2 Flix software. Its all-web interface couldn’t be easier. Brightcove is far more than a Flash or production tool, mind you. They are offering advertising, paid content and syndication, and will roll out other streaming formats next year. Eric Elia at Brightcove tells LR: “It’s our hope and intention for Brightcove to become an essential online service for building Internet TV businesses – with full choice and control for publishers over user experience, monetization and syndication.” Nice to see “monetization” there, isn’t it? Look for my beta to go public next week.”