Is TiVo on a Collision Course With the Networks? – TiVo tries to zap through troubles Well it’s no surprise that the television networks have been upset about TiVo and their ad skipping technology for a while. Despite the fact that to their “advertising” friends they are quick to assuage the damage of PVR technology, they are still quick to also remind the consumer that “God” has intended for us to watch TV live.

Now, apparently, new TiVo CEO Tom Rogers may be using some of his Hollywood insider tricks to piss the networks off even more.

“Rogers’ former employer NBC Universal, for one, is petulant about TiVo’s plans to allow users to download network shows onto PSPs and iPods.

“This is clearly not the proper way to behave,” said NBC U TV prexyprexy Jeff Zucker.

Rogers’ rescue plan for TiVo has consisted of a breakneck inking of deals with Intel, Yahoo!, Fandango and others, but it’s also putting the company on a collision course with the broadcast nets, which were just getting over their fear that ad-skipping would spell ruin for their business.”

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