Hack DirecTV’s New Closed DVR and Win $25,000

WeaKnees Offers up to $25,000 for DIRECTV DVR Plus (R15) Upgrade Solution | PVRblog Boing Boing and PVRBlog are reporting on an offer by Weaknees, those notorious TiVo “customizers,” of $25,000 for whoever will give them information on how to hack into the new DirecTV DVR in order to increase the hard drive.

From Boing Boing: “Features: We will pay more for solutions with special features, such as the ability to add a second drive, the ability to move programming from a 160GB drive to a larger drive (but NOT from one DVR to another), and the ability to move settings from a 160GB drive to a larger drive. We are specifically NOT looking for solutions that will bypass the security or digital rights management features in the R15, and we are not looking for any solution that would require modification of the R15’s motherboard. Further, we will not consider any solution that has the effect of enabling the user to avoid DVR service fees.”

For the life of me I don’t know why the cable/satellite providers themselves will not let you do this through them. Many people would gladly pay for more storage and why restrict people to the puny drives that they put in their boxes by default? Of course I’m sure the folks over at Weaknees are glad that they don’t.

Or better yet, how about just allowing me a USB connection and let me hook up my own external hard drive on my own? Heh, heh, heh, I didn’t think so.

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  1. thatrickster says:

    Is the reward for hacking r15 or any other directv dvr still available. I have friends able to solve the problem.
    All I want to do is export my shows to my laptop.
    Given any opportunity to loose directv, I will. Their Service sucks and they will not help with creating a playlist that will let me export 8 hours of shows to a vcr at a time.