eBay Gets Tricked by Phishing Email

Phony E-Mail Tricks eBay – Yahoo! News “A sophisticated phishing attack has proven so successful, it has tricked eBay’s own fraud investigations team into endorsing it as legitimate, according to an independent security consultant who reported the attack to eBay.” Apparently Richi Jennings sent an email he recieved and thought was phishing to eBay’s fraud department and was sent an email back from them saying the email he’d receieved was legit and “an official e-mail message sent to you on behalf of e-Bay.”

On Monday, an eBay spokesperson confirmed that the e-mail message was indeed part of a fraud, but she could not explain why it had initially been identified as legitimate.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” said spokesperson Amanda Pires. “I’m assuming right now it was just an error.”

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  1. This is the Richi Jennings from the article. There’s more to the story; it continues at richi.co.uk