Do TV Stations “Get It” Yet?

Lost Remote: Do TV stations ‘get it’ yet? Cory Bergman, one of the most insightful bloggers blogging on television today, posts a comment on his lost remote site today from a TV web insider named “Rocker” who has this to say about TV stations: “For 90% of the people in a typical TV station building, this whole ‘internet thing’ is something they’re still in their heart-of-hearts hoping will go away, or at least be handled by ‘somebody else’ at the station. Maybe the web-geek or two we have off in that old converted closet downstairs will take care of it all, so we can continue to pretend the world revolves around producing a series of OTO ‘shows’ every day. The consciousness level is rising, but at a rate that is so slow that I still really think it’s a race to see whether most TV stations will survive. The ad marketplace is reaching an inflection point fairly soon now, and from a pure bottom line perspective, this industry is not ready. Real pain (revenue/margin) is right around the corner now.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am having a hard time seeing Cory Bergman as insightful. As someone who works in the business (of TV) I do not agree at all with him comments regarding “90% of the people in a typical TV station building” wanting the internet to just go away. Many, if not most are excited to have a distrubution mechanism that levels the playing field with the cable/MSO and DTH markets.