Dan LeFever is Looking for his Mom, LaVeda LaFever

Dan the Manloongtao: Somewhere over the rainbow Dan’s a hell of a guy. He’s a character like none other. He’s something of an unofficial ambassador to every tourist who visits San Francisco and a really super mail room clerk where I work. He didn’t know I was behind him taking the above picture. He just likes to always greet people who visit San Francisco.

Dan would like to find his mom. I set Dan up with a blog earlier this week. I’d love to see him somehow find her — if anyone can help him or help spread the word on their blog I know it would mean a lot to him. Really, if you got to know this guy you’d really want to help him.

Wouldn’t it be something if Dan somehow found his mom through the blogosphere?

To get to know Dan a little better read his heartfelt post above and be sure to check out his post What is LaFever? Want to do something good with Digg? Help give Dan some exposure and Digg his story here.