Windows Media Center PC in Your Car Dashboard

eHomeUpgrade | Windows Media Center PC in Your Car Dashboard Developing an in car Media Center PC should be top on the list for Microsoft. eHomeUpgrade has a story on a prototype put together by a tech-savy junkie that includes a very cool 7″ touchscreen and 802.11g wireless networking.

This in-car Media Center PC of tomorrow should do the following:

1. Synch wirelessly and by hard drive swap your digital media from your home Media Center PC.

2. Have a GPS system.

3. Have DVD playback for the kids and support multiple monitors in the back seat.

4. Be able to play television shows that you record at home.

5. And MOST important contain a gps tracking chip that cannot be removed without destroying the device inside the device that would allow you to track it should it ever be stolen.

6. The ability to plug into an XBox 360 for in car gaming.

I currently have a Pioneer in-car entertainment center (well actually my third Pioneer in-car entertaniment center as the first two were ripped off) that includes a DVD player for the kids and GPS. It is basically a piece of junk and an expensive piece of junk at that. Microsoft could totally own this market.

Where do I want to go today? Well, the real question is where do I HAVE to go today — and I guess that’s to Costco, but it sure would be a nicer drive with my mp3s in the front seat while my kids are watching their DVDs in the back.