VirtualEarth Add-in for Windows Media Center with Geocoded Pictures

Sean McLeod: VirtualEarth add-in for Windows Media Center with geocoded pictures Sean McLeod just emailed regarding a new plug in for Media Center that he has developed that sounds fantastic. Sean has built an add in that integrates Media Center’s Photos with MSN’s Virtual Earth.

When you geotag your photos you can then get more information on them in the form of a Virtual Earth Map by pressing the “more info” button on your remote as your slide show plays. Super Cool.

Sean is also working on additional screens to be implemented in his plug in including an option to display all of your photos as pushpins all over the world that you can then navigate with, etc.

Although I have not geotagged my photos yet, I plan to geotag many of them in the future and this will be a great plug in to use to see them.

Great work Sean!