TiVo Reconfirms Plans For A Standalone HDTV TiVo as Well as a Comcast HD TiVo Box

TiVoBlog.com, Blog Archive, TiVo Reconfirms Plans For An HDTV TiVo Although I was aware that TiVo was working on their standalone CableCARD TiVo unit due out next year, I had not seen an announcement for a Comcast TiVo box prior to the note below from TiVoPony in the Flickr Community. TiVoPony is Bob Pony, TiVo’s Director of Product Marketing.

“There’s a dual tuner HD box coming next year that will work with both cable and ATSC.

Or, if you have Comcast cable, there’s a version of TiVo coming that will work on the 6412 dual tuner HD cable platform.

Both are dual tuner HD, and both are planned to be out next year. Dan’s right – CES is typically where you’d hear more info/details.


No word on when next year to expect these products to launch. It will be interesting to see when these products are launched vs. the new Media Center CableCARD PCs.

I would imagine that the new Comcast/TiVo HDTV box could be a closed box available from Comcast similar to the Hughes HR10-250 HDTV TiVo currently available for DirecTV. TiVo had previously announced that they and Comcast would have their first co-developed products in mid- to late-2006. This is the first of an actual model number that I have seen referenced. Dave Zatz had previously suggested that we might see the standalone HDTV TiVo out in mid-2006 based on what he was told and not told by some of the TiVo folks at DigitalLife.