SkypeKiller Released on Probation

By Davis Freeberg

A company named IS Decisions is out with a product that can completely remove Skype from a network. Why anyone could hate Skype enough to make a program that vaporizes it is beyond me, but I could definetely imagine some clever disgrunted IT geek causing some real mischief with it.

This seems like a pretty unnecessary piece of software. If IT Managers are really that concerned about having Skype on their computers, they could simply use the unistall that comes with the software. In a letter posted on Skype Journal, the CEO of IS Decisions defends the product.

“I am François Amigorena, IS Decisions’ CEO, SkypeKiller’s editor.

Please don’t get us wrong: we are not in any way Skype or any software editors’ enemies. We just want to make sure we give our corporate clients maximum choice in their network management.

If they want to allow the use of Skype on their networks, it is perfectly alright with us. But if they don’t, we provide them with an efficient tool to perform a clean and remote uninstall.

More, SkypeKiller can also be used just to detect Skype instances without uninstalling them or only partially.