Robert Scoble is Interviewed on The Gadget Show Podcast

Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger: The Podcast Network interviews me

Update: I listened to this podcast on the way home last night and it’s a great interview. Scoble talked a bit about HDTV and made a case that next year may finally be the year when the Microsoft digital home is trully here for the masses. He offered up a great scenario of how to incorporate the new XBox 360 as extender units in the home for HDTV.

I tend to agree with Robert and think that 2006 will bring us the convergence of extender technology, CableCARD HDTV through Vista, the speed of 64 bit computing and effective indexing, larger hard drives, a stable music library in Windows Media Player and hopefully more advanced functionality with photographs including things like integration with Flickr and advanced photo sharing options (like I saw demoed at Bill Gates recent press conference on The killer app for the total home entertainment may finally be right around the corner.

Assuming all of these technologies come together