Microsoft’s Michael Creasy Reviews Akimbo For Media Center

Michael Creasy’s blog – Akimbo for Media Center Michael Creasy tried the new Akimbo for Media Center service this weekend and says that he’s pretty impressed with the service.

I haven’t tried it out yet myself but I think it holds promise as a future method of delivering content via Media Center. I did start to try it out but abandoned the project when I found out I needed to give them a credit card number to take a test drive. Personally I’d prefer they let me try out the service, even if only for seven days, without having to enter my credit card information and set up an account with them for billing.

Creasy says that the program quality is on par with standard definition recorded shows.

The service costs $9.99 per month, but some have expressed concern that even after paying the $9.99 per month that you still are charged additional fees for downloads. Personally, instead of teh $9.99 plus download charges I’d like to see two alternative pricing models. One that charged a higher amount but had no pay per use charge (similar to cable television) and another that charged no monthly fee but charged seperate fees for the download.