Microsoft’s Charlie Owen Compares the iPod Nano With a Creative Zen Micro

RetroSight :: Charlie Owen :: Windows XP Media Center Edition Development – I Bought A Creative Zen Micro After Evaluating the Apple iPod Nano Closely Charlie Owen recently went back and forth on choosing a new mp3 mini player between the iPod Nano and a Creative Zen Micro. In the end he chose the Creative Zen Micro over the iPod Nano and tells us why.

For the life of me though I’m not sure really why someone would want either honestly. All I did was buy a gig chip and add it to my Audiovox SMT5600 phone and I’ve accomplished the same thing. It works perfectly and I only need to carry around one device instead of two.

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  1. Charlie Owen says:

    It’s fairly simple why I didn’t just use a Mini SD card in my Audiovox phone…

    First, a 1 GB Mini SD Card will cost about $100. That’s $100 per GB, and I could essentially spend $50 more to get the Creative Zen Micro and get 5 times as much storage.

    Second, I have two pair of headphones I really like: Sony MDR-V6 (traditional) and MDREX71SL (earbuds). Neither work with the Audiovox since it uses one of those ultrasmall jacks. The headphones which come with the Audiovox (a) hurt my ears and (b) don’t sound all that great.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Good points Charlie. I actually find the earplugs comfortable and that the sound is fine, but I may be less discriminating than you. I do though HATE the fact that they have that little headphone jack. I’ve lost my headphones in the past and hated that I had to wait for custom ones to use them again.

    The storage also is a good point. I guess I’d still rather have the 1 GB chip in the phone for the convenience of convergence. I also like the fact that if my phone rings while I’m listening to mp3s or podcasts that it temporary pauses my podcast or music and allows me to accept the call (a mic is built into the headphones) and then resumes where I was in my podcast/music after my call ends.

  3. jimmy grewal says:

    Two major reasons that I do carry an iPod nano and my i-mate SP5:

    1. Battery life. The battery life on the iPod is much better when listening to music and I want my phone battery to last all day, not just the two hours that I listened to music in my car.

    2. In-flight. Sure you can turn off the radio on a Windows Mobile phone, but try convincing the cabin crew that you’re just listening to music when you have your phone out during a flight with headphones connected to it.

    Having used an iPod nano for the past two months I can highly recommend it to others. Battery life is pretty good, it’s well built (except for the scratches), easy to use, and it makes me smile every time I pull it out. Besides, iTunes has become a very good application which has made it easy for me to carry my top 200 songs, a bunch of photos, and my favorite podcasts wherever I go without much effort. I haven’t seen any other combination that works as seamlessly.