I TiVo’ed Like This, I TiVo’ed Like That, I TiVo’ed with a Wiffle Ball Bat

TiVo losing ground among DVRs The Hollywood Reporter is out with an article saying that increasingly the term TiVo’ed is losing it’s luster compared to generic references for the recording and time shifting of television according to research firm Brandimensions.

“According to Brandimensions, DVR users who use phrases like, “I TiVo’ed it last night” outnumber the more generic “I recorded it” or “I watched it on DVR” by a relatively small margin of just above 10%.

Brandimensions said that consumers engaged in a discussion of the DVR industry mention TiVo just 60% of the time, indicating that awareness of generic DVRs — mentioned in 40% of the cases — is growing rapidly.'”

I’m not sure what they are comparing this to or what percentage of the time people used the term TiVo’ed in the past, but…

More significantly though:

“64% slammed the DVR pioneer for not offering standalone TiVos with either a dual tuner or one that is HD compatible.” The truth hurts, baby.

It’s important to note that the research backing up these findings might not be as scientific as standard market research and focus group research. “Brandimensions used its technology to gather such comments from Internet forums, discussion boards, blogs, chat rooms and other online sources. In all, the firm searched more than 80,000 Web sites where digital video recorders were commented on and used relevancy algorithms and other techniques to boil results down to 1,300 consumer mentions.”

Harvesting blogs of course may not be the best way of gauging the public opinion of the masses.

Thanks, Ed!

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