Hey, You Got XBox in My Media Center! Hey you Got Media Center in My XBox! Hey, This is Delicious!

Michael Creasy’s blog – Already have an Xbox 360 and a Media Center? Use them together now!: Michael Creasy is out with a post on how well the new XBox 360 units will work as Media Center extender units. I know I plan on buying one as soon as I can and will report back once I test it. Especially with the XBox 360 being able to stream HDTV and the new HDTV CableCARD compatibilty for Media Center announced yesterday, things are going to be Grrreaaat!

From Michael: “The Xbox 360 is the best Media Center Extender currently available. If you have a Media Center PC you need to get and Xbox 360 and if you have an Xbox 360 you need a Media Center PC. They really do work so well together you won’t believe it. The Media Center UI is identical on the Xbox 360. The full animated graphical experience. It looks fantastic.”