Grateful Dead Pull Their Music From the Internet Archive

Get in the groove and let the good times roll. We’re gonna stay here till we soothe our screeecchhhhhhhh.

Recently Cory Doctorow blogged that has been forced to take down over 1000 Soundboard Grateful Dead recordings by, ” Jerry’s wife and a few (perhaps one) remaining member of the band.”

Now John Perry Barlow, EFF Co-Founder and former Grateful Dead lyricist, has this to say: “It’s like finding out that your brother is a child molester. And then, worse, having everyone then assume that you’re a child molester too. I’ve been called a hypocrite in three languages already.

How magnificently counter-productive of them. It’s as if the goose who laid the golden egg had decided to commit suicide so that he could get more golden eggs.

This is just the beginning of the backlash, I promise you.

This is worse than the RIAA suing their customers.”

The Grateful dead had a unique magic and were largely successful because they learned to love and embrace their fans. They always had a sound section for tapers and never objected to the tapes that ardent fans would trade with each other while still supporting the band as they played live in a way that no band has ever seen.

It is unfortunate that “Jerry’s greedy widow” has decided that this is the best path for the band to take. I’d imagine upon hearing this news himself Jerry Garcia would be rolling in his grave.

Ironically it was just at this year’s Web 2.0 that Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart had the following to say: “[The fans] didn’t steal it, we gave it away”

“If we ever make a good album, they’ll buy that.”

“I’ve probably been recorded more than anyone else.”

“We played in the park and we always played better when we played free. I think it’s a good thing to share and give people something. Whets their appetite too…if they go to the trouble to bring a machine and tape it, they should have it.”