Fotolia Stock Photography Service Launching

Stock Photo Talk | Special Interest Blog: The Next “New World Leader In Stock Photography”: Fotolia Skips Beta Umbrella With Version 1.0 Arriving A somewhat controversial stock photography service that allows amateurs to upload photos to sell for super low prices is set to launch in the next few days.

From Photo Talk Blog: “”Competitors may hate us”, states NYC-based Fotolia, the relatively new Royalty Free site with 7360 Members and over 110.000 Photos, that is going to launch (announced in a somehow unusual blog press release) Fotolia 1.0 with new features in the next days.

The company believes that itīs a “new world leader in stock photography” that will “shake up the stock photography industry”. Fotolia states that “it provides a legal and affordable ‘iTunes’ type solution meeting the needs of both the photographer and buyer.”