A Couple of Early XBox 360 Reviews

Ed Bott’s Media Central, Xbox 360 reviews begin trickling out Ed Bott has some links out on some of the first XBox 360 reviews. I hope to have a review out myself at some point but I’ll need to buy a unit first.

One piece of negative criticism that Ed points out is from the Seattle P-I by Todd Bishop: The Xbox 360 is loud: Joystiq does a comparison of appliances and ranks the new console second only to an “old, clunky refrigerator” in fan noise.

Loud. Ouch. I hope not. A little noise is fine, but too much will hurt it.

JupiterMedia’s Michael Gartenberg offers his thoughts on the XBox Launch. More from Dawn Chmielewski at the Mercury News.

Also with regards to the noise criticism above, one of our readers, Steve says, “They’re wrong. It’s really not that bad. If they wanted to be reasonable and appear unbiased they might have included a statement like “Next to the original XBox this thing is whisper-quiet.”