Trouble With Getting Going with Vista

So I’ve installed the Vista beta on my Media Center PC in order to test it out and am having a few problems. Of course this is beta software so I’d expect more than a few problems. My two primary issues at present are 1. I get no sound from my Media Center PC and I think it’s because I need to find a new driver for my audigy soundcard to support Vista (Audigy’s website only has drivers for XP) and 2. For whatever reason I can’t see any of the other PCs on my network even though file sharing is enabled on the respective PC. The MCE machine connects to the internet no problem but when I try to point MCE to my photos on my home office PC it says that I’ve got no networked PCs connected.

Perhaps someone could point me to the beta boards for Vista where I might be able to get more help with these types of issues in hopefully getting Vista MCE up and running for testing.