That’s Comcastic!

Well I never, ever, ever watch commercials. I hate them with a passion but last night live TV was running in the background while I was watching the kids and a new commercial for Comcast caught my eye. The commercial was based on the game show the $10,000 Pyramid and had one contestant reading clues to the other. The clues were just hilarious. Really great things like: Clue: “Satellite Dish”, Answer: “Things that need to be removed.” The commercial is super funny and I think was created by this team.

Comcast should put a download of that commercial up on their internet site. It was quite entertaining — especially for someone who hates commercials so much. If anyone knows where you can see it online drop me a comment.

Update: Mike Gillooly sent me a link to the commercial here. Check it out. Very funny.

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