The Possible Reason for No Premium HDTV Announcement From Microsoft

atmaspheric | endeavors � Blog Archive � Premium HDTV on Media Center Atmaspheric Endeavers brings up a good point on why (if it’s coming in Vista) Microsoft might not be telling us that HDTV is on the way. “If we all just waited for Vista to buy a new system I don’’t think HP, Dell, Gateway, Microsoft or Intel would be too psyched. Think about all the lost sales due to waiting on a product which has been coming soon for years. Sure, it’s on the books for end of 2006, but that’s 3 big purchase cycles away!”

I hadn’t really given this much consideration before but perhaps this is indeed the reason. I’ve talked to so many people who are holding off on buying a Media Center PC (myself for my next one included) until we have a Media Center that supports HDTV.

My solution. Still announce that native HDTV is coming in Vista but also articulate a clear and free upgrade program for when it’s here. If people knew that they could buy a new Media Center PC today and Dell or Gateway were committed to at no or low minimal cost to providing them with the upgrade hardware/software for HDTV in Vista, then perhaps this would get people moving.

Personally I’m waiting for the convergence of Vista, 64 bit computing, and HDTV in MCE for my next purchase. But I would be likely to make the purchase from Dell sooner if in fact Dell could offer me an ugrade guarantee.

In addition to the HDTV problem, Atmaspheric Endeavers also points out another of my complaints the music library issues. “There is no way I would go back to SD for TV and I can’t live with the music library management issues either.” Of course as Matt Goyer pointed out with Vista the slow response time to MCE’s library should be a thing of the past. I recently installed a Vista beta build myself to test this out but Vista is still too unstable for my system to test this out yet. I was unable to import my library and had other assorted problems which are fully expected in working with beta software. I hope to test it out in more depth though as more stable versions of Vista are rolled out going forward.

By the way Atmaspheric Endeavers. Do you have an RSS feed. I just tried to subscribe to your blog but NewsGator isn’t recognizing it.

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