Is Netflix Creating a Download and Burn Service?

Kind of an obscure story that Davis Freeberg pointed out this morning, but in this morning’s DJ Market talk on the Dow Jones News Wire there is a story about Netflix and some quotes coming from Roth Capital.

“Netflix has several catalysts that may drive the stock, but management’s long-term forecasts are “overly optimistic,” Roth Capital says, which maintains sell rating. NFLX’s market position has improved since Blockbuster raised its prices, and the announcement of an independent download-and-burn service may boost the stock. However, “we believe the stock is priced for no change in the status quo, which is unlikely.” Also, Roth thinks NFLX is posturing for a sale of the company.”

Perhaps this has been out there before but this is the first mention I’ve seen of a download and burn service for Netflix.