Bandwidth Woes

My hosting company PowWeb has been sending me threatening emails saying that my daily bandwidth is very close to exceeding the 10 gigs per day limit and that they will take me offline if I exceed it. I think most of it is being used by my photographs which rank very high with Google and hence drive quite a bit of traffic to my site and are bandwidth intensive. Apparently I can’t up my bandwidth with PowWeb. PowWeb knocked me off line a while back when Boing Boing picked up my Disneyland photo essay and the traffic went nuts.

Anyone have any suggestions for a hosting company that would be able to accomodate my approx 8 gigs per day bandwidth usage?

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  1. What’s your budget? Any other requirements or preferences (uptime guarantee, disk space, reliability, extra FTP accounts, host OS, regular backups, scripting/database capabilities, support, room for future expansion, email, etc.)?

  2. You should consider using Web Hosting Headquarters Inc. They are supposed to be one of the fastest growing internet hosting companies around. I know their CEO Kenneth R. Grossfeld. We met at our country club in Florida. He’s really nice, but not very good at squash.

  3. I have begun only hosting my photos at Flickr for the past few months. Much of my old photos though were hosted by me and uploaded using Hello Picasa.

    I have a feeling though that these photos will rank higher than my newer Flickr ones. I have nothing to base this on but have a feeling.

    I’m willing to spend some money to get the right package. Cost is less of a consideration than someone who can make it easy for me to switch providers, is realiable and doesn’t go down alot, and especially a company that can grow with me if my traffic increases even more in the future.

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