Back Up Your Photos in a Fireproof Safe Fireproof Safe Backup NetworkGarage has an interesting post out on how to build a network backup into a fireproof safe.

I am somewhat anal about backing up my photos. In addition to backups on drives at my home, I also keep a backup copy of all my photos on a hard drive at my brother’s house, at work and when I visit my parents I bring an external hard drive and back them up to their hard drive as well.

Of course the negative thing about remote backups is that they are only as good as the last time you backed them up — which in some cases can be months.

So here’s an idea for the safe companies. Come out with a commercially available fireproof safe with a built in 250gig drive. This would seem to me like a product that would sell as it doubles as both a place to back up your files as well as a place to protect them in the event of fire or theft.

Thanks, Digital Media Thoughts!