Andrew Orlowski Writes Article Critical of Wikipedia

Connections: Wikipedia mea culpa Journalist (sic) Andrew Orlowski is out with a critical piece on Wikipedia. Included in his piece is a quote by Nicholas Carr, “”This is garbage, an incoherent hodge-podge of dubious factoids that adds up to something far less than the sum of its parts.”

The problem is, how do I know Nicholas Carr really said this? Normally you might be able to trust a journalist, but Orlowski is not your typical journalist. This is the same Orlowski who has in the past misrepresented email correspondence from Robert Scoble and whose lame publication “The Register” will not even respond or admit to their mistake when it’s been pointed out. So maybe Nicholas Carr said what Orlowski said or maybe he didn’t. Instead of taking Orlowski’s word I have to actually go to the web site posted and check for myself. And if it’s just a quote and no website to check then I’m just plain out of luck I guess.

I sent an email message to Orlowski’s editor Joe Fay at The Register to ask why they still have not corrected this post where they represent an email as coming from Robert Scoble when Scoble denied ever sending it. I think it’s irresponsible for The Register to behave in this way and it most certainly makes anything they publish suspect in my mind — particularly if it carries an Andrew Orlowski byline.

Hey, at least my article Andrew Orlowski Sloppy Journalist or Bold Faced Liar has remained on the first page search results for the search “Andrew Orlowski” on Google.

It would be nice to get even a private explanation from The Register’s editor Joe Fay on this matter. I have sent him multiple emails requesting a response and have received nothing back. Sloppy journalism indeed.