Slingbox vs. Orb – Why One or the Other

Michael Gartenberg – Slingbox vs. Orb – Why one or the other Gartenberg just emailed me back with a post he did back in June talking about some of the differences between Slingbox and Orb. I must have missed this one before, but then again for the past few months I’ve had my head burried deep into Flickrland and have just recently started coming up for air. Good stuff from Gartenberg.

Placeshifting doesn’t currently hold the same allure for me as it should per se. I don’t travel much. At present I’ll typically just copy a movie or some shows from my MCE machine to my laptop (will this be squashed in the future?) to watch if I’m on the road. But I can see where placeshifting could be super important to folks like Gartenberg or Scoble or others who travel much more than I do.

I do need to get up on this technology though.