More Speculation on a Google Calendar

Google Calendar? – The Unofficial Google Weblog – _ I have used Yahoo!’s calendar for about five years now. It is one sticky app. I can see why Google would want to get into this space.

By the way, Yahoo! calendar has a bunch of different themes and ways to customize your calendar. One thing you can add is photos. At present you can choose from four stock categories: Animals, Inspirations, Nature and Abstract. Pretty standard lame-o stock photography stuff. I’d propose four new photo categories to choose from: My Flickr Favorites, My Flickr Photos, Interestingness, and My Interesting Friends (a option that randomly selects from the top 5% of interestingness photos from those on your contact list). Users would click through if they wanted to and land directly on the Flickr photo’s page. C’mon people. Yahoo! Calendar is huge. Let’s use it to drive some traffic to Flickr instead of driving traffic to Jeremy Bruskotter.