More on Flickr Rewards

Last week I posted on an idea called Flickr Rewards that I suggested Flickr look at putting into place. The idea would be to reward referring users with points based on signing up new Pro accounts as well as more points for referring high quality photographers to Flickr through fav points.

I’ve thought about this rewards program more and have figured out a few little tweaks.

1. The grand prize for the program’s contest should be a new Canon EOS5D. There is a lot of buzz about this camera which will be coming out this Fall. Canon would surely donate one for the publicity that Flickr would give them with the contest. It’s a sexy new camera and would add sizzle to the Rewards Program’s kick off.

2. Before I suggested that you receive 100 points for referring a new Pro account to Flickr and then a point per fav for the new account. One little tweak. Only favs from Pro accounts should count for points. This will prevent people from simply creating free accounts for the sole purpose of faving photos for points.

Flickr still may need to make sure that awarding points for favs is the right thing to do. It may not be best to turn the favorite button into some kind of currency and it would be important to make sure the right message and approach were in place to maintain harmony in the Flickr community.