Backup Your Flicker Photos

Backup Your Flicker Photos – Lifehacker Flickr Backup is a utility that provides you a way to bulk download your photos from Flickr. I’ve always thought that Flickr was helpful as a place to upload your photos in case your house was burned down, etc. Although I’m fastidious about my own back ups (multiple copies at home, another copy at my brother’s house, another copy at my parents house, another copy at work, etc.) many people are not good about backing things up. It’s nice to know that there is now an easy way to get your photos back from Flickr if you lose them.

On the other hand, people should keep in mind that Flickr is not truly hosting the highest of resolution images and you would indeed in some cases lose some quality of your photos if you lost the originals. But in the case of a truly tragic loss of digital photos, certainly an almost as good backup from Flickr would be infinitely better than nothing.

It would seem to me that this might also represent a way for Flickr users to mass transfer their collections to other photo sharing services.