The 100 Best Products of 2005 per PC Magazine – The 100 Best Products of 2005 Aren’t these lists supposed to come out in December and January? Notable:

1. Mozilla Firefox, check!
2. Google Gmail, check!
5. Dell Ultrasharp 2405FPW, check! (love it)
8. Skype, check! (amazing doing an interview with Ian Dixon on his Media Center show in the UK for an hour for free)
16. Google, check!
32. Adobe Photoshop CS2, check!
33. The New York Times on the Web, check!
47. Microsoft Windows Media Player 10, check!
51. Flickr, check! check! check! check!
53. DirecTV HD DVR HR10-250, check!
60. Wikipedia, check!
87. Internet Archive, check!

How many you got on your list? Disappointing not to see Media Center called out although I guess WMP did get called out as did a number of PCs any of which could run MCE. I think I also would have added the AudioVox SMT5600. Also I’d probably put the Canon EOS20D up there but can see where the Digital Rebel would be more accesible to most.