Study Finds Slowdown in Digital Camera Sales

Study finds slowdown in digital camera sales – The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog – _: From the Unofficial Photoshop Weblog: “All of you who make your own photographs are well aware that the market has seen a radical shift from film to digital cameras. That’s old news; but the new twist is that the phenomenal growth in digital camera sales may have peaked. A new study has found that there was only a 20% growth in digital camera sales in the first half of 2005 as compared to 50% growth in the first half of 2004. That seems logical, but it may not be the whole story. CNET news quotes Weblogs Inc’s blogger Jay Savage’s observation that the tremendous sales of cell phones with built-in digital cameras need to be taken into account. I’d say Jay is onto something. Not only has photography gone digital, but the very nature of what constitutes a “camera” is changing.”