FlickrBlog Says I Have a Good Eye

FlickrBlog Cool. The FlickrBlog has I have a good eye. What they are referencing of course is my growing list of Flickr favorites. I’ve got almost 6,000 photos marked as favorites at this point on Flickr. Flickr allows you to mark any photo that you see as a favorite and then saves it for you to look back at later. Each day I seem to become more and more addicted to Flickr and one of my favorite things to do is to find amazing photography on there and then catalog it in my favorites group.

Without a doubt some of the best photographers in the world are publishing on Flickr today.

I’m assuming (hoping?) that someday I’ll be able to run my Flickr favorites through my Media Center PC in my living room and have one heck of a slide show. I can run my favorites now in a slide show but not taking up the entire screen like I’d like.

I find my favorites from a lot of different places. Three groups that seem to have consistently good photos are Fav/View>=5% Utata and The Safe.

The Safe is kind of an interesting concept from something of a controversial group on Flickr. The group is called deleteme and basically they invite you to submit photos and then have people honestly and sometimes savagely critique them. This is not the place that you want to publish nice photos of your kids or your cat. This is photos where you invite the abuse and sometimes praise of your peers. Each member of deleteme provides a “saveme” or a “deleteme” vote to your photo. If you get 10 deleteme votes your are thrown out with most likely a bunch of criticism on your photo. Some of the criticism is constructive, some of the criticism is vicious, and sometimes a vote is provided with no substantive criticism at all. Photos that receive 10 save me votes before 10 delete me votes end up in the above mentioned group “the safe,” and there is some pretty good photography in there.

I know that I’ve learned more about my work from the deleteme group. Fortunately I’ve got a pretty thick skin.

Other places that I find favorites are from my growing list of Flickr contacts. As I find super photographers I’ll frequently add them as a contact. Then I’m regularly kept appraised of their work and can add their best as favorites when I see them. Some of my favorite photographers on Flickr at the moment include Ropeboy (Sam Bloomberg Rissman), Aqui-Ali (Eddy Joaquim), .lush, _rebekka. Lately John Curley has also been doing some really terrific work. (John is speaking at the Flickr meetup at the Apple store tomorrow night by the way).

I also frequently browse other people’s favorites. Here you can also find some pretty amazing work as well.

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  1. Kent says:

    Apologies for 2 comments in one day, but I have always enjoyed your photos and have blogged about them on my site at least once. I use Cold Steel America as my wallpaper at work.

    I (and I’m sure many others) would love it if you’d post photogaphy tips, etc. from time to time. The thing I like about many of your photos is that they are pictures of things people walk by every day, but fail to notice. I am trying to learn how to shoot better pictures and would love to read some tips by one of the best.