Wow, I’ve Been Utata’d

UTATA As I’ve been getting more and more into digital photography and Flickr, I’ve been meeting some of the most amazing photographers on the internet. A group of some of the photographers that I admire the most maintain and oversee a photography internet site called Utata Dot Org. I can’t recommend this site enough as a source for some of the most amazing photography you will find on the internet.

The site is published by Catherine Jamieson whose work is breathtaking. Irnia Souiki is the Managing Editor and there are a number of other top photographers involved in the site and the project. One of my favorite Flickr photographers who has an amazing sense for minimilism in photography is the sites Gallery Curator, Eddy Joaquim.

The site bills itself as a semi-civil online tribe devoted to creating and promoting good art. If you enjoy photography you will not be disappointed with what you find there and you will be introduced to some of the most amazing work being done with a camera today.

I’ve just recently joined the Flickr Utata group and was honored to have had one of my photographs selected by this amazing group of artists who I admire and whose work inspires me.

Recently the site’s Trains project was highlighted on Yahoo! as a Yahoo! Pick of the day on July 2, 2005.