Will Howard Stern Leave Infinity Early?

Howard Stern: the end may be near – Jul. 14, 2005 “Stern’s show has been a huge source of revenues for Infinity — attracting, some analysts say, $175 million a year in advertising. Of that, Stern and his sidekicks pocket at least $30 million, according to these estimates.

If Stern is off the air before his contract expires, presumably Infinity would have to pay him for any remaining time left under the contract. There’s been talk as well that Sirius would pay Infinity to release Stern from his contract so it could begin broadcasting “The Howard Stern Show” sooner than January.

Disputes over Stern contracts are not unheard of. When Clear Channel Communications, the country’s No. 1 radio broadcaster, pulled Stern from its stations last year, it stopped paying licensing fees to Infinity. The fracas ended up in court.

Stern, for one, has made it clear that he is ready to go whenever his bosses give the order.”

So when do we get the Howard Stern podcast?