There is a Power Shift Going On

Susan Mernit’s Blog: Quote of the day: There is a power shift going on: Susan Mernit’s Quote of the day comes from Jay Rosen at The Nation.

“‘There has been and there is a power shift going on: from the producers of media to the people formerly known as the audience. That’s what I like to call them, because they’re not really an audience anymore. And terms like ‘audience’ and ‘consumer’ and ‘viewer’ and ‘reader’–which have become threaded into journalism–aren’t really that accurate for the people on the other end of the process. So there has been a power shift from producers to users, mostly because of the Internet.

‘Increasingly, because of the Internet, because of blogging, some of the press is actually shifting into public hands. So whereas the press and the media once overlapped almost completely, now the press has shifted. The nonprofit world owns a piece of it, activists and people involved in politics own a piece of it and the public owns a piece of it.

‘Bloggers are developing this platform that journalists will one day occupy, and that is the reason why people in the mainstream press should pay attention to them.'”