Pearls of Photographic Wisdom from Derek Powazek

Powazek: Just a Thought: Pearls of Photographic Wisdom Derek is one of the most talented photographers I’ve seen.

“# Look behind you!

This mental exercise is designed to remind myself to step away from the crowd, look in the other direction, and generally remember to not just shoot the obvious. Sometimes you’re rewarded with a fabulous moment.

# Growl like a tiger!

When you’re shooting someone and they’re just sitting there looking uncomfortable, say “Growl like a tiger!” The subject will either actually do it or crack up laughing – either way, you get a true emotion instead of a fake smile. It even works on dogs.

# Keep shooting!

This one’s simple math – the more shots you take, the better chance there’ll be something decent in there. And now, thanks to digital SLRs and cheap compact flash, you really can just keep shooting.”

Good advice.