Apparently My Blog Looks Horrible With Safari

A couple of people have recently pointed out to me that my blog looks fine in IE and Firefox, but horrible in Safari. Apparently each post looks like one long link making it less than optimal reading.

I’m not sure exactly how to fix this problem. I basically publish through Blogger because it’s pretty easy. Do folks have this same problem with other Blogger blogs? Does anyone with any html experience know how I might be able to fix this problem?

I’ve taken a look and played around a bit with Word Press and Moveable Type, but despite the 10 minute transfer over to Word Press that they promote, I wasn’t able to figure it out.

Anyway, if anyone has an idea on how I can modify my html code to fix this drop me a line.

4 Replies to “Apparently My Blog Looks Horrible With Safari”

  1. You have an open link at the very top of your template (under the title) that I suspect is the problem. It’s in the code provided by

    a elements aren’t allowed in the head, especially an unclosed a.

    Add to that and move it to somewhere in your body. That should take care of it.

  2. I added a closing tag to the end of the code. I think this code is for my logo on my site.

    I don’t have Safari though. Can anyone with Safari tell me if this fixed the problem?

  3. It’s fixed for me (Safari 2.0 on OS X 10.4.1). If you want to make sure your blog displays the same on all browsers, you may want to spend some time with the W3C Markup Validator.

    It’s not a guarantee that everything will work across platforms, but at least you get some smug satisfaction from being able to say “my site is right, your browser is wrong” when it doesn’t. 🙂

  4. Seems to be working fine for me as well (10.4.2, Safari 2.0) – though I didn’t see the page before you made the change, so I can’t be for certain it has actually changed anything for me.

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