You Say You Want a Tivolution? A Brief PVR Overview

imho.: You say you want a Tivolution?

” * PVRs are extremely cool. Even if you donít watch a lot of TV, youíll probably love having one.

* DVRs from your cable operator arenít great, but they are a low-cost way to get into the game, since they’re generally free with a monthly fee.

* Tivo is a great stand-alone PVR. Models can be had for $100-200, sometimes less, plus a monthly fee.

* PC-based PVRs are great for the hobbyist. They are very customizable and configurable. Some are free, others are for-sale, but neither usually have a monthly fee.

* Windows Media Center Edition is my PVR of choice. They have the right blend of polish and expandability. Not the least expensive of the bunch, but the best, imho. No monthly fee.

* MCE Extenders allow TVs throughout the home to access all the content on your MCE PC.”

Thanks PVR Wire!