Tommy, Can you Say, “Would You Like to Supersize That?”

Well as if the kids meal toys and the playgrounds and the McFlurry thing were not enough, now you can begin training your youngster at the earliest age for a wonderful career in the fast food business. Imagine, the glamour of being fry cook for the day, flipping burgers, or, gasp, drive through cash register.

I came across this toy over at Toys-R-Us this weekend where your child can be their very own Mickey D’s employee. You too can teach your child to ask that all important question, “mommy, can I have a sundae with my happy meal?”

By the way, Toys-R-Us is definitely not a camera happy place. After shooting around their Emeryville store a bit I was approached by an manager who told me that I was not allowed to take photographs in the store. Oh well.

Check out this review over at epinions on the McDonald’s mealtime deluxe set. If your child is like the author’s “Doodle” then this is just the toy for you. Please somebody tell me that somebody in marketing at McDonald’s is not the one writing this:

“If you get real creative you can make wonderful Apple Pie Burgers with cheese, or Chicken Nuggets with a side of Pickles. Doodle loves to play “waitress” with her little headset on (from anther McDonald’s playset) and her dry erase board.

This set is great for those of us who have already have kitchens, McDonald’s Playsets, or just a McDonald Happy Meal fanatics like my little Doodle. She recognizes each item (because we are there at least twice a week). She was disappointed there wasn’t sausage with her Hot Cakes but such is life.

The pieces are small-perfect for small hands but not great for younger children. The age recommendation for this set is ages 3 & up. A big minus to this set is you have to find a place to store all of it, if you do not own a kitchen or food station. Things like the sauces and nuggets are easily lost.

All in all, I recommend this set if you have a child like Doodle. We bought it on clearance at Walmart for five dollars so the price was reasonable for the products shelf life. It only took her a few days to lose most of the pieces, so it isn’t something I would invest heavily in. It makes her happy, I can enjoy my time outdoors……………

Oh Would you like Fries with that Shake?”