PC World Articles on PVRs

PCWorld.com – TV Time Shifters PC World is out with an article on PVRs.

On Media Center:

“For all its power, I found the Gen 5 a clumsy device to put between a TV signal and a television. I had major problems both in receiving a cable signal (this unit handles only standard TV) and in sending it to the set. I eventually solved these issues, after many hours of hard work and significant help from Dell tech support.

TV and PC technologies just don’t merge well. Some people may get them going without trouble, but you can’t yet count on being that lucky.

Microsoft’s user interface is clean and easy to use, and has plenty of nice features. The keyword search, however, looks only in program titles.

Bottom Line: As good as this high-end multimedia system is as a computer, difficulties in getting PC and TV technologies to cooperate make it a dubious choice as a DVR. “

Thanks, PVRWire!