Microsoft Office Teaser

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger Scoble says something big, something Slashdotworthy is going to be announced from the Office Team tomorrow. Once again, Thomas Hawk takes the bait. Scoble says he’ll have a Channel 9 interview up on the announcement at 9:00 p.m. tonight.

Update: More sizzle, less steak. Scoble was right, it does appear Slashdotworthy though.

So how is it that Microsoft can do something big like this that while interesting conceptually doesn’t really affect the way that I compute personally, but they still can’t come up with cable or satellite HDTV support after almost three years of Media Center release with no relief in site? I think we need more transparency on what’s going on with HDTV. Chris Lanier’s post was a start but if it’s not something we are going to get personally I’d like to hear a more direct response from Microsoft justifying why they don’t intend on supporting HDTV cable or satellite. At least lay the roadmap out for us. Bill Gates said publicly that it was coming what harm is there is sharing the roadmap with MCE enthusiasts?

Maybe I just don’t fully understand the significance of Microsoft opening up Word, Excel and Powerpoint (these have about as much excitement for me in my life as watching paint dry) or maybe I’m just down these days because it seems like Microsoft is slipping with regards to digital media when all the XBox 360 great news seemed to say they were finally there.

Give me something meaty and meaningful with regards to digital media and I’ll care a little more about that than being able to do my spell checking in XML.