FM Radio is Dead

Ed Bott: FM radio is dead Ed blogs on a Wired News story about FM Radio stations ditching their DJs in favor of broadcasting DJ-less playlist type formats.

Personally I rarely listen to FM or AM radio anymore. With my own shuffle playlists and a bunch of podcasts on my laptop and on my Audiovox SMT 5600, there just doesn’t seem to be a point in listening to anything with commercials.

Occasionally I’ll listen to KFOG’s Acoustic Sunrise if I’m in the car on a Sunday morning, but other than that, like Ed suggests, FM radio is pretty dead to me. I used to listen to CNET radio quite a bit a few years back when they had tech programming at AM 910 in San Francisco but that was taken off the air.

Now one thing FM radio could be good for, might be a place to harvest additional music for my music library. For instance, if I have a guide and PVR for radio I’d love to copy various live music (KFOG’s live from the archives, etc.) and add them to my library. Other than this, I’m afraid I don’t have much use for the medium.