You Deserve Your RiVo

You Deserve Your RiVo – Popular Science: Although I’ve heard mixed things about the Radio Shark, some love it, some hate it, having the ability to record radio and in turn convert these files to podcasts makes all the sense in the world. Popular Science has an article out on the technology of recording radio. I’d really like to see a solid radio PVR (or should I say PRR) for am, fm and satellite, integrated within Media Center along with a corresponding guide. If they can do it for TV, they should be able to do it for radio. This would be a great way to get additional podcast programming.

From the article: “The problem is that tomorrow RiVo may be illegal. A new generation of radio called Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB, a.k.a. digital radio) is coming, and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is dedicated to making sure no RiVo-like device for digital radio ever reaches the marketplace.” Yeah, the RIAA, go figure.