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Xbox 360 Official Shots, Including Ghost Recon : Gizmodo Well don’t forget to watch the MTV XBox 2 kick off tonight. I’ve got it scheduled for both my TiVo and my MCE machine. Ahead of the big show tonight, Gizmodo is out today with a European article that includes photos of the new box and confirms the XBox 360 name (as if we didn’t know that).

Although I’ve still yet to see it in print, it certainly does appear from the European magazine that the unit will support HDTV streaming. My German or Dutch or whatever language the magazine is in not the best but I do like seeing the numbers 720p and 1080i under the “streaming” section of the article.

From the article: “Streaming: Musikfra medieafspillere eller PC (Windows XP) billeder og film fra digitalkameraet (som du bagefter enkelt kan sende videre til dine venner via Live. Alla spil understooter (indbygget i maskinen): 16:9, 720p, 1080i, 5.1 Dolby Digital-lyd, og muligheden for et personligt soundtrack.” Okie dookie!

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  1. It’s Danish(With a hint of Swedish) and it says

    “Streaming: Music from mediaplayers or PC(Win XP) pictures and movies from digital cameras(which you afterward easily can send on to your friends through Live. All games supports(built into the machine): 16:9, 720p, 1080i, 5.1 Dolby Digital-sound and the option of a personalized soundtrack”

    In the article, they further mention that in an attempt to counter piracy they will aim for more multiplayer games that work through Live… because as it is now, no pirated copies of Halo works on Live.

    Interesting information about XBox Live on page two. It will come in two versions, Silver and Gold, the first is free and allows for free download of new characters etc. plus free video chat. While Gold is essentially what you have now with online gaming. But some bigger games, like a possible Everquest or WOW will still require a separate monthly fee as we know it now.
    And Microsoft’s ambition is to have you see TV, movies and all media related tasks through the XBox, so you can be connected to Live and at any point be able to receive chats and game invitations. A whole XBox universe.

    On page 3, they mention that the joypads are battery driven for the rumble function and the wireless. They can easily be recharged through the USB connection. [I presume you connect them, as they are wireless from the box].
    The Joypads also have what is called the ring of light, that lights up to either show new Live messages or game session invitations and also which joypad you have in your hand, handy, for when trying to figure out which is which of several wirless joypads.
    The front of the machine can be changed with other designs or colors. And the machine can be placed vertically or horizontal without any extra [expensive, you hear Sony!] equipment.

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